Eurovision 2014 Cheat Sheet

Eurovision 2014 Cheat Sheet

I watched all this year’s entries and picked out the five you need to know about before the big day (or week, since some of these probably won’t make it past the semi-finals!)…

France: Twin Twin – Moustache

Here is a French Eurovision entry which showcases the quirky electro-pop that France should be better known for. It follows on…

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Song of the Day: Loreen - My Heart Is Refusing Me

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If you love Euphoria you need to check out Loreen’s previous single, which was a contender to represent Sweden in Eurovision 2011. It’s just as good!

Song of the Day: Charlotte Perrelli - The Girl

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If there has been a more gleefully POP moment on TV anywhere in the world this year than this, I’d be very surprised. And definitely want to see it! Charlotte was one of the entrants to last night’s Melodifestivalen (Swedish Eurovision qualifiers) and shocked viewers by failing to make it through to the final or even the second chance round. It’s not unusual for great pop songs to miss out in Melodifestivalen as there are lots of granny voters and there is of course tough competition for those top spots, but to only come 5th out of 8 entrants was very unexpected considering a) it’s an amazing song that sounds like a very excitable ABBA and b) she’s won Eurovision before and won Melodifestivalen twice!

Song of the Day: Danny Saucedo - Amazing

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This is Swedish himbo popstar Danny’s entry for Melodifestivalen, the country’s Eurovision qualifiers, and will be performed in tonight’s semi-final. Like his entry from last year the lyrics are totally pointless and could have been written by a child, but musically he’s definitely stepped up and I think he stands a good chance of being chosen to represent Sweden this year. It would be a great development for him as exposure around Europe might mean he will finally get the credit he deserves for doing David Guetta-style dance pop way before it ruled the charts. Let’s just hope he improves his vocals and can pull it out the bag when he really needs to.

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Song of the Day: Ditte Marie - Overflow

Thanks to a tip-off from Mr Scandipop I already have my favourite for this year’s Eurovision. Now it just has to win the Danish qualifiers and we’ll have someone worthy of our vote this year!

ArtistDitte Marie
AlbumDansk Melodi Grand Prix 2012